The Wiki Project Continues . . .

Well, I made it through another crazy week during which I wasn’t able to spend too much time on work for my class. After successfully hosting a pot-luck lunch at work in honor of the last day of work for the woman who worked for me, leading the first class of a first-year student seminar as a mentor (for which I spent the better part of the week preparing) and hosting a party on Saturday for several of my first cousins, I think that my life may return to relative normality.

In honor of this, I spent most of today messing around with the wiki for my class. I created accounts for all of my colleagues in class to use – including a second account for me. I have been having fun editing pages logged in as two users. I think that I may have the concept down – and an idea of what the experience may be like for my classmates. I have created a new page on which I have put links to many of the websites that I have used while doing my wiki research. I’m hoping that this will serve as a testing ground as well as another area of documentation.


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