Completed first assignment for class

YEAH!! I finished my first paper for my class this morning. It was a bibliographic essay on managing technology in libraries. Given that this is a distance education class, I worked with a woman from Hawaii on the paper. That was a different experience – and I think we were both a bit apprehensive about how it would work. Fortunately, I think that we worked well together – and we each left ourselves enough time that the time difference was not a problem. I’m not entirely sure that our paper blends too well. We both picked two sub topics about managing library technology, wrote our own pieces and then meshed them together. I’m not sure if the paper seemed a bit choppy to me because I was more familiar with half of it – or if it really was. I guess I will have to wait for the grade to get a sense of that.

However, all in all, I am happy with my first effort. I enjoyed the experience of collaborating with someone online and learned quite a bit in the process. Now, I need to focus all of my attention on our web search exercise that is due next weekend.


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