Favorite Library Blogs

In response to a classmate’s email, I am posting a list of my favorite library blogs.

There are a bunch of MLS student bloggers that are really informative. Joy Weese Moll has a listing of blogs by current students and recent graduates on her site Wanderings of a student librarian. Some technology centered blogs – LITA Blog, the Shifted Librarian, TechnoBiblio, LibraryTechnology NOW, LibrarianinBlack.net, and Information Wants to Be Free. Other blogs I read regularly are the Creative Librarian, the Convivial Librarian, Librarian on the edge, Walt at Random, Phil Bradley’s Blog, Peter Scott’s Library Blog, Mike’s Musings, and the Kept-up Academic Librarian.

Karen G. Schnieder has a blog with a listing of library blogs that is worth wading through for ones that may peak your interest. This is where I found most of the blogs that I currently have in my aggregator (and right now I have about 90).


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    nice blog!


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