Finished the Final!!

November 21, 2005

WooHoo!! I just passed in my final for my class. It feels wonderful to be done for the semester!!! All in all, it was an interesting exam. I was so incredibly nervous about the exam because I found it very difficult to study for. Without traditional classroom lectures, it was difficult to see and judge what the professor felt was important. I have always been a big note taker – feeling as if lectures give me a clue to what the professor finds key to the class. In an online class, there aren’t any traditional notes and that left me a bit stymied. Fortunately, the test was ok. I don’t think I “aced” it, but I don’t think I’m in danger of failing either – and I can be really happy with that – for tonight atleast. Now, I can go unwind a bit before Thanksgiving. YEAH!!!!!