R.S. Taylor – Planning a College Library for the Seventies

Taylor, R.S. (Fall 1969). Planning a College Library for the Seventies. Educational Record, 50(4), 426-431.

Taylor suggests that there were three projected steps one should take when planning a library for the seventies. First, planners need to reevaluate library space incorporating such services as “the book library, audiovisual systems, copyring services, bokstore, and computer center” (p.431). Taylor argues that such planning will help to offer the user broader information choices. Second, the library and librarians need to be closer to the educational process. The third step in this planning process is to allow the library to become a place to foster experimentation – for the space and for the staff. Taylor thinks that planners should rethink the library as a space placing emphasis on the users and their information needs.

An interesting article, not much to add to my biographical research. The blurb on Taylor: “Robert S. Taylor is director of the library at Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts. This article, written under a U.S. Office of Education grant, was adapted from a presentation to the Danforth Foundation Workship on Liberal Arts Education, 24 June 1968, in Colorado Springs.

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