I Need a Kick Start

For a variety of reasons, I have been so incredibly unmotivated this semester. The semester started out fine, but life somehow had the gall to interrupt. First, my husband and I went on vacation for two weeks to St. Maarten. The trip was wonderful, and I’m glad that we went. However, I was swamped at work before I left and had to devote most of my energies to getting everything set for me to go away for two weeks. The break was wonderful, but I did end up having to do homework while I was away. I had my biographical research report and my third reference exercise due on March 13. My husband took delight in taking pictures of me doing my school work on the beach.

On vacation, my husband injured his knew. As such, he has been out of work, going to the doctor and doing physical therapy. Although it doesn’t seem like this should have taken up my time, it did. It is only within the past two days (and we got home on March 19th) that I have been able to seriously get back to my school work. Of course, I will pay for this lapse due to all of the work that I need to complete before the end of the semester. YIKES!!!!


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