What Class to Take Next??

Registration for summer 2006 has been open for a while now, and I’m not quite sure what to do. For some reason, SCSC is not offering many of the four core classes during the summer. As long as I get myself in gear to pass the two classes that I am currently taking, I will have taken ILS501, ILS503 and ILS504. That leaves me with ILS506 as the last core requirement. Ideally, a student is supposed to take all four before they take any other classes. So, I have a dilemma. I cannot take ILS 506 this summer. I am interested in taking ILS 537 – Information-Seeking Behavior. I emailed the professor – who very promptly replied. She supplied a link to the course syllabus so that I could look over the information and decide if I want to take the class. I am very much looking forward to the class, but it seems like a very challenging one. I’m not sure that I want to give up my summer to this. I know I am being wimpy. As long as things work out ok with my husband who is currently out of work, I will probably take the class. Each semester that I don’t take a class is another semester longer getting my MLS will take. I do find the scheduling of classes at SCSU for this summer to be a little odd. Best case would be to take ILS506 over the summer – providing I can afford it. Either way, I can’t register for a class until at least mid-April when I will have a better view of the family finances.


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