Final Projects

I have two final projects that I am working on for both of my classes. In Foundations of Librarianship (ILS503), we were assigned a semester long project that is a “major (hands on) course project ” [quoted from syllabus]. The project’s focus was to design and implement an information service. The professor stressed that we are supposed to implement this project. I am working on a project with another woman in my class on a project geared to the public library where she works. We are creating a pathfinder with resources for non-native English speakers. The plan is to include English as a Foreign Language, immigrant and Test of English as a Foreign Language resources for the Portuguese speaking population in a suburb of New York City. This has been a challenging project for me since I know very little about this subject.

For Reference and Information Resources and Services (ILS504), we are supposed to plan and design an instructional/training project for a targeted user group in a specific library. For my project, I am designing a library instruction class for upper level undergraduates doing research using census resources. The class will be geared to teaching the students about using federal government resources. I am fairly excited about this project – partly because I love government documents.

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  1. Joy says:

    Hey Jenn!

    Speaking of loving government documents, I just heard that the gov docs librarian at Rolla announced her retirement. If working in Rolla is an option, you may want to keep an eye out for that position to open up.

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