I’m Psyched!!!

Yesterday, I finally got a grade back on my Robert S. Taylor biography – and I did fine. I was a bit concerned about the paper, since I ended up having to work on most of it while I was on vacation in St. Maarten. It took tons of discipline to try and get the paper finished (working on the beach with a laptop is a tricky proposition). Additionally, the initial draft was far longer than the specified 5 double spaced pages. Having to thin the paper out was difficult – and I thought that there was a choppy feel to the paper because of it. Fortunately, the professor did not find that to be so.

Anyway, this makes me feel much better about the class. It is very difficult to take a class and get absolutely no grades until the last two weeks of class. I have been hesitant about working on the final project because I had no sense of what the professor thought of my work. As such, I’m a bit behind where I should be – and will be spending all available time working on the project over the next two weeks.

At least, I feel like I’m making more progress than I was a couple of weeks ago.

2 Responses to I’m Psyched!!!

  1. Jim Green says:

    Bob Taylor was my MS thesis advisor at Lehigh. I worked as a research assistant under him in Lehigh’s Center for the Information Sciences. It was a very creative environment and I really enjoyed it.

    I am curious about how you came to write about Mr. Taylor.

    Jim Green

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hi Jim,

    As a student in an MLS program, I was tasked with the assignment to write a biography of Robert S. Taylor (as an important figure in the history of librarianship). I had never heard of Taylor, but was absolutely fascinated by him and his philosophies. I had so much material on Taylor, but was only able to use a fraction of it – especially given his role in the military during and after WWII. While I did the paper in my second class in the master’s program (and am currently taking my 9th & 10th classes), it is still one of my favorite assignments.

    Thanks for commenting. It is fun to have some contact with someone who knows him!!!

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