Summer 2006 Class

This morning I registered for a class for this summer – ILS656 – Information Architecture. After going back and forth several times about whether or not to take a class, I definitely decided that I did not want to sit out a semester. I think that would make it much harder to get back into school come the fall. I was all set to register for ILS537 – Information Seeking Behavior. However, due to prerequisite restrictions, I couldn’t register for the class without calling the ILS department and getting an override. Fortunately, in order to take ILS656, I only needed to have completed ILS501 – so I could register online without needing help. Unfortunately, there are only 3 people registered for the class right now (which starts on May 24th). I can only hope that more people register!!!! I will be pretty bummed if I can’t take this class this summer.

Now, I need to get back to work on my final projects – one is due on the 24th of April and the other is due on the 29th of April.

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