Unit 2 – Descpritive Cataloging & MARC Structures: Part 1. AACR2, Chapter 1-2

Lecture Notes

Descriptive cataloging & different formats for bibliographic description: ISBD & MARC.

ISBD Areas:

Area 1: MARC 245 field (subfields $a, $b, & $c) – Title & statement of responsibility
Area 2: MARC 250 field (subfields $a & $b) – Edition statement & statement of responsibiity fo edition
Area 3: Not used in bib description of books
Area 4: MARC 260 (subfields $a, $b, $c, $e, $f, & $g) – Place, publisher & date
Area 5: MARC 300 (subfields $a,$b,$c, & $e) – # of volumes, pagination, illustrative matter; dimension, accompanying material

Descriptive cataloging – allows user to find title, publisher, data, & # of pages. Based on rules from 1st part of AACR2.

ISBD & MARC record are different representations of a bibliographic entity. ISBD cards can be generated from MARC data.

Area 1: Title Proper : other title information / statement of responsibility
One of most complex areas of cataloging record.

Readings & Assignments for Unit 2:
Review & consult AACR2 (1.0-1.1g4 & 2.0-2.1G2).
Work through Manheimer’s cataloging examples (pp.9-19).
2 cataloging assignments based on MARC 245 & 300 fields.


One Response to Unit 2 – Descpritive Cataloging & MARC Structures: Part 1. AACR2, Chapter 1-2

  1. Lobel says:

    Maybe you can help me (please :-))
    I’m looking for some tool that can convert MARC21 records to ISBD representation of record (like it is represented in CIP). It will be useful to me because my library just went from UNIMARC to MARC21 and it is BIG change for us. So, some tool that can use MARC21 bib record and produce ISBD “card like” thing will help us very much.
    If you can mail me I will be thankful.
    P.S. I’m writing you from Croatia, Europe.

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