Academic library 2.0 concept model

Academic library 2.0 concept model
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Wow! I love this model. I think it is right on – and a great way to envision the role of the library. I guess I’ve never really thought about libraries sitting physically between the social and academic parts of the student experience in college. It seems like such a simple concept – yet not one that everyone grasps. I think many academic libraries identify solely with the academic part of the college experience – and this might account for some of the hesitation in adopting social software. Often if something doesn’t support the academic mission of the college, it gets vetoed. However, it would be difficult to argue that libraries are not social spaces – just social spaces in which academic endeavors take place. Michael Habib argues that libraries have traditionally straddled the social and physical parts of a student’s life. With some thought, I agree – but I’m not sure many library people think about libraries in this light. A big thanks to Michael Habib for posting this.

Michael Habib’s blog entry – Conceptual model for Academic Library 2.0


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