The Assignment

The assignment from my professor for the paper due on Monday reads: “How do you make the catalog more user friendly? How would you get the patron to use the catalog? How would you provide training for the patron?” This is one of 15 project topices that the professor provided us, along with the instructions that “You are to choose one topic from the suggested topic below for your project. Papers need to be 10-15 pages in length and are due on July 17th.” Now this seems a bit vague – especially to a student like myself who likes specific directions and details in an assignment. I suspect this means there is some leeway in how we write the paper – and I am a bit excited about the topic. Not only will I be able to learn a great deal about OPACs/library catalogs, but will able to use that knowledge at work in order to help improve our patron experience. Now it is time to get back to work!!


2 Responses to The Assignment

  1. Mack Lundy says:

    Any chance you will post a link to your paper or summarize it? I would be very interested to read your thoughts on the subject.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I do plan to post my paper as part of my eportfolio – which I’m trying to get put together. I will make sure that I post the link on this blog. I will hope that my thoughts are worth a read!!!

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