Beach View, Grand Case, St. Marten

August 12, 2006

Beach View, Grand Case, St. Marten

Originally uploaded by ScruffyNerf.
This is the full image from my new header. I was trying to take some “artsy” type photos on my vacation. I’m not sure whether I achieved that or not especially since I have no creative ability whatsoever – but I really like the photo and the memories it brings to mind.
PS. You can probably tell that I have been playing about with Flickr quite a bit lately.

It is a Beautiful Weekend!

August 12, 2006

It is a beautiful weekend in southeastern Massachusetts. It is the last weekend before the push to get ready for the start of the fall semester happens at work. I will probably be working more hours than I care to think about over the next three weeks, so I plan to enjoy myself as much as possible this weekend. Every year, I forget how awful August is at work (which I suppose is really a good thing), but then am painfully reminded when everything goes wrong. I guess it is good thing that the summer semester is over, over I would be in real trouble!!!!