Thinking about the Fall Semester

Classes start again in two weeks. I am currently signed up for one class: ILS530 – Information Systems Analysis & Design. Unfortunately, there has been no instructor assigned to the class – which pretty much means there is no information about books for the class. This reinforces the issue that getting books is one of the biggest problems in online classes. I don’t care that there is no instructor set for the class yet. I don’t care that the instructor chooses the texts. Schools need to deal with these issues in a better way. Distance students need a decent time interval in order to acquire materials and have them mailed. I’m tempted to drop the class because of this issue.

I’m also thinking about adding a second class – probably ILS565 – Library Management. This class is taught by a professor that I have taken before – and really liked the way he handled the online environment. I think taking a class witha professor that I have faith in might help to get me back into a good place as far as school is concerned. And as an added bonus, the text for this is already listed. If I add a second class, I will be 1/2 way done with the program. That sounds wonderful!!!!!


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