Thoughts on Cataloging

With class being over and a bit of free time in the evenings, I’m going through all of the blog posts that I have saved recently in order to read in more depth. One that I really enjoyed reading was this post, The Scattered Librarian: The Future (?) of Cataloging – especially since I just finished my cataloging class. Sarah makes some interesting points about the future of cataloging. I firmly agree with her that the entire cataloging process needs to be simplified. Speaking from recent experience, AACR2 can make one’s head spin around a full 360 degrees. There are some good comments in rebuttal to Sarah’s points as well.


2 Responses to Thoughts on Cataloging

  1. Sarah says:

    Glad you liked my post! (and on a related note, how is it that something I dash off in the space of 15 minutes after reading a journal article gets more comments than an actually insightful post that I spend 2 hours slaving over? ah well, the vagaries of the internet…) Since you’re still in school, I can only encourage you to take a cataloging elective, even if you think you’ll never use it. That is perhaps the only regret I have from my college time, that i didn’t figure out a way to fit that in my schedule. The people who will be empowered to improve our system are the ones who understand it best and work with it the most.

  2. Jennifer says:

    It is amazing which posts get comments – usually the ones you least expect. Because I just finished my introductory cataloging class, I’m particularly interested in cataloging changes – and how we can make changes in cataloging practices, MARC and LCSH to improve OPAC searching. I do agree that cataloging is incredibly important. I appreciate your advice!!!!

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