More on My Summer Class

Grades for summer session are officially available tomorrow. In the past, grades have been released early. As such, I felt compelled to check today. Grades did seem to be available for summer session. Imagine my irritation/frustration/confusion when I went to view my grade and was greeted with an “R.” I have never seen such a thing, but was certainly unhappy since it was apparent that an R did not equal successful completion of the class. In order to try and minimize any additional stress, I tried to figure out what an R could possibly mean. Fortunately after a great deal of searching on SCSU’s web site, I discovered that an R means that the instructor did not submit a grade. This made me feel better for a moment – this didn’t mean that I flunked or that I had to repeat the class (a sentiment that a fellow student in the class admitted was her first thought). After that moment of relief, however, a feeling of rage over took me. I was really looking forward to getting my grade (hoping that I passed) and moving on – being able to put this semester behind me and never thinking of it again (ok, unlikely). Now, it seems as if the class will never really end. It was a bad semester and this situation with the grade only makes it worse.

I had been planning to make a complaint about the class to the ILS department chair at SCSU and the lack of grade prompted me to sit down and send her an email. The outpouring of my angst did make me feel better. Rant over for now . . .


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