The Class That Will Not Die

I received a very nice and extremely thoughtful reply from the ILS department chair last night to my email complaint about my summer class. She seemed genuinely concerned and interested in following up with the professor in order to try and prevent the same type of situation from happening in the future. However, she did tell me that the professor is currently in Seoul at the IFLA World Conference (which is technically taking place from August 20-24). To me, this means that we will not be getting our grades for this class until after he returns. Will this whole experience ever be just a bad memory????????

So, I feel much better that I got a good response to my complaint. I feel as if the school (or the ILS department) is taking it very seriously. Yet, I still feel as if the professor is prolonging the agony. There does not seem to be any stated policies about being given an R. Is the professor required to submit the real grade within a certain amount of time? Is this an accepted practice? Is there any recourse available to the students in this situation? Wouldn’t it have been nice to have been informed about the lack of grade? I might have understood if the professor had a good reason and let us know in advance. I will go on record to say that I fervently hope that this is the worst experience that I have in graduate school.



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