Introverts Unite!!!!!!

Pegasus Librarian: New Research on Introverts

Iris has a great post over at Pegasus Librarian about research on introverts. Being one, I enjoyed this post tremendously. I can sympathize with Iris about people’s reaction to her telling them that she is introverted. I have to admit that I very rarely tell people that I’m an introvert – I just let them think I’m odd. People who aren’t introverted definitely often have difficulty understanding those who are – especially if you are really, really introverted. Anyway, Iris has some great links in her post that introverted types might enjoy.


3 Responses to Introverts Unite!!!!!!

  1. Iris says:

    Glad you liked the post, Jennifer. I can’t wait to get back from vacation and check out the Introvert Advantage from the library. It seems there’s probably a lot more to learn. (Although at present I’m just pretty pumped to know that introvert and shy are not the same thing. I’m still having trouble imagining a shy extrovert…. but that’s just my own hang-up.)

  2. J says:

    Isn’t “introverts unite” an oxymoron?

  3. Jennifer says:

    Definitely an oxymoron – but I think that there is some room for virutal unity. I’m good at that!!

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