Academic Library 2.0 Concept Model Detailed

Academic Library 2.0 Concept Model Detailed

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Michael Habib has updated his Academic Library 2.0 Model. This model has helped me visualize the importance of social interaction and the role that the library needs to play between students’ social needs and their academic ones. The concepts of Library 2.0 are incredibly important ones – and I think this model helps to illustrate this. I have used this model when talking about ways that the library can become a bridge to help connect students’ social and academic activities. I find that this generally makes sense to people – and helps them to accept some of the changes that really need to be made.


One Response to Academic Library 2.0 Concept Model Detailed

  1. […] The latest version Michael Habib’s Academic Library 2.0 Concept Model comes to me this morning by way of Jennifer. I find it one of the best and clearest explanations of why we, as librarians should care about the current online social trend. I wonder, though, how does it change when applied to public libraries of all sizes? My first inclination is just to point out that it gets longer. Communities that public libraries serve are so diverse – how can you serve both the house-bound elderly who’ve grown to use the library as their main social contact and now can’t as well as the college bound student? The tutor and his pupil? The answer is that Library 2.0 doesn’t mean that Library 1.0 (or Library B.C.?) stops – it simply embellishes. It provides tools for reaching out to more patrons in a way that you haven’t done before. […]

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