Librarians at the Gate Article

Librarians at the Gate (by Joseph Huff-Hannon) is a great article about librarians. The article addresses some very important issues for librarians including topics like HR 4437 (the Sensenbrenner bill), the Patriot Act and ethics. Huff-Hannon writes:

The day-to-day challenges librarians face are inherent in the job description: defending access to controversial or banned books, staving off budget cuts, and creating and expanding programs to draw more citizens into one of the few remaining genuinely public commons in American life. While the ethic of secrecy often prevails in the gathering and dissemination of corporate and governmental information, the work of a librarian is imbued with just the opposite. Be it in the capacity of archivist, reference librarian or information technology professional, a common thread is the profession’s dogged commitment to safeguarding books, research and information to make knowledge more widespread, not less.

This article is definitely worth a read. Thanks to the Creative Librarian for the link.

Update – August 24, 2006: Rick Roche has a post over at ricklibrarian entitled Librarians as Freedom Fighters, Maybe Felons about this article that is worth a read. I very much share his concerns and confusion about H.R.4437.

WordPress’ new autosave feature just saved me from losing this post. Yeah!! 


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