A Bunch of Random Stuff

The following are blog posts that have caught my interest over the past several weeks:

  • Assumptions have a Sell By Date – from Kathy Sierra at Creating Passionate Users. Kathy asks “Have some of your assumptions “gone off”? Kathy lists several ways to help combat the problem of assumptions. I especially like the suggestion to give suggestions a sell-by date.
  • What assumptions make. . . – from Remaining Relevant. A post about the need to challenge assumptions.
  • Trust in the Social Library – from T. Scott. A post which discusses trust in terms of the flow of information in the library as a workplace. T. Scott has some great points. He writes “What many managers fail to understand, however, is that you don’t ever actually control the flow of information — you only think that you do.  The more you try to keep things confidential, the more energy you give to the rumor mill.” I think this comment is right on target.
  • Five Types of Content on a Library Website– by David Lee King. A post in which the different types of content found on library websites is broken down into five categories: Traditional Content/”Stuff we Buy,” Original Content/”Stuff Librarians Create,” Attendable Content/”Things You Attend or Visit,” Collaborative Content/”Interacting with Patrons,” and Library/Librarians as Content/”Content About the Library.”

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