Fall Semester is Approaching

I spent some time today preparing for the fall semester. I have decided to keep the two classes that I have signed up for (ILS530 – Information Systems Analysis & Design & ILS565 – Library Management). There are not any viable classes that I can take in place in ILS530, so I will just hope for the best. I was able to successfully log into SCSU’s new WebCT system – they upgraded to Vista recently. Everything appears to be fairly intuitive and I don’t anticipate any problems with the new system. My professor has posted the syllabus for ILS565, and I’m excited about the class. I have taken a class with this professor – and so far, he has been the most effective teacher I have taken at SCSU in the online format. I was also happy to read that we do not have a reading assignment from our textbook until the week of September 17th. The required text is not one that Amazon.com had in stock, and I do not anticipate receiving the book until after the start of the semester (Books are such a frustrating issue in online classes – but I have complained about this issue before). I do need to send my other professor an email to ask about the books for ILS530 – these have not been posted yet. Despite this fact, everything seems to be on schedule. Classes start next week – so I plan to do nothing but relax during this upcoming, long weekend.


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