Down for the Count

A combination of working too many hours last week, working too many days in row (including all of last weekend), stress from my summer session class and lack of grade along with lack of sleep due to worry over bats in my house has finally caught up with me. A summer cold or possibly allergies has totally kicked me in the posterior. I’ve pretty much been out of it for the past two days. Fortunately, I think I’m starting to get better. Additionally, we haven’t had any bats in the house since last week – so I’m sleeping easier.

On the postive side, Amazon has shipped the textbook for one of my fall classes. I was a little bit worried about how long it would take to actually receive, but I think I get it sometime next week. I think I’m off to nap a little bit more . . .


2 Responses to Down for the Count

  1. Amy says:

    Jennifer – Hope you are feeling better. I came across your blog while researching library blogs. I’m two classes into my MLS online from Drexel University. I can identify with many of your posts. This post reminded me when we had a mouse in the house, and I was trying to complete course work, after coming home tired from my full-time job.
    I am lucky in that two of my co-workers are also taking online courses at Drexel for an MLS, but since finding your blog, I now have another form of support.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Amy, thanks for the kind words and the mouse story. I am feeling better – and ready to take on another semester. We are still bat free, although I do admit that I am keeping all of the lights on in our upstairs until I go to bed. Good luck with classes this fall!!

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