Textbook Sticker Shock

The professor for my section of ILS530 – Information Systems Analysis and Design posted the required texts to our course web place on Thursday. The required texts are Osborne, Larry N. and  Nakamura, Margaret (2000),  Systems Analysis for Librarians and Information Professionals (Second Edition), Libraries Unlimited and Hoffer, Jeffrey; George, Joey; and Valacich, Joseph (2005)/ Modern Systems Analysis and Design, / Prentice Hall. I was able to find the first text through an Amazon.com marketplace vendor. The copy available via Amazon wouldn’t ship for 2-3 weeks, and I doubt that would work well for the class. The second one, however, costs $142.20 via Amazon. Yikes!!! Have I mentioned that my husband is currently unemployed – and has been for six months? Wicked Yikes!!! While there were used copies available via Amazon marketplace vendors, I couldn’t tell which edition was being sold. One thing that is very frustrating about the books for sale from the vendors is that you can’t always tell if the item is the exact one you want – and with books the right edition is critical. I ended up buying this title (slightly used) through Ebay for about half the cost. Fortunately, both texts should be shipped by Tuesday – and hopefully will come in soon after that. I did upgrade shipping. All in all, a very expensive semester for me.

The textbook for my management class was delivered yesterday – Stueart, Rober D. and Barbara B. Moran. Library and Information Center Management. 2002 – 6th edition. I was a bit concerned about when this one would arrive, but the book shipped much sooner than Amazon had anticipated. So, now all that I need to do is wait until classes start on the 6th!!!!


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