BlogDay2006 Revisited

While I was taken unaware by last week’s Blog Day and had to scramble to write a post, I thought it might be fun to participate – and a great way to explore new blogs. It was both. First off, the number of visitors to my blog (due mostly to Meredith’s kind words) was a bit impressive – and the number of subscribers to my blog doubled. Secondly (and really more importantly), it was a great way to explore and read some blogs that I hadn’t been exposed to. This, naturally, led me to subscribe to several more blogs (a practice that I will not be able to continue indiscriminately).

Anyway, in the spirit of continuing the BlogDay love, I decided to compile the list of the BlogDay posts that I read, have been reading and am still exploring. Enjoy!


2 Responses to BlogDay2006 Revisited

  1. thanks for the list! i just wish i could go through everything. i also have subscriptions to many of those on your list, but it was many months ago that i realized that it’s really not possible to read everything i’ve subscribed to… like the books in the library =)

  2. Wow…now you’ve give me a lot of blogs to explore! Thanks!

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