A Quiet and Relaxing Tuesday Evening

Classes start tomorrow. I definitely have that excited, sort of nervous feeling that I always get before the start of a new semester. And for some reason, the feeling always seems to be much more intense before the fall semester. There is something about the start of a new school year that I always look forward to – even when I am not going to school. I am full of anticipation about the things that I will learn this semester – although I do admit that I haven’t fully gotten over the difficulties of my summer class. 

Some good news – I did actually get one of the text books that I ordered for ILS530 – Information Systems Analysis and Design that I ordered on Thursday from eBay: Modern Systems Analysis and Design (fourth edition) by Jeffrey A. Hoffer, Joey F. George and Joseph S. Valacich (aka – the wicked expensive book). We will see how long it takes to get the second one in. However, I think that I am in pretty good shape for the start of classes. Last week, I never would have thought that I would have two of the three required texts in my possession BEFORE classes started.

So, I’m having a nice, quiet evening. It will be the last time that I have absolutely nothing that I have to get done for several months. Of course, I’m really appreciating it since work was a nightmare today – nothing ever goes smoothly in the world of library systems!!!! Here’s to having a wonderful semester!!!!


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