Some First Impressions

I have successfully logged into both of my classes, written introductory posts, done some reading and started thinking about my first assignments. I’m excited about both classes – although possibly feeling overwhelmed by the work load (doesn’t it always seem like there is a lot of work???). Although many of my classmates seem to be having problems with the course software (the Connecticut State University system upgraded to WebCT Vista over the summer), I really like the new software. There are several improvements: there is notification of new discussion posts from the home page, one’s own posts are not considered to be unread (I LOVE THIS!), you can see how many of your classmates are online with you (and invite them to chat – I can’t wait to try this out), the layout is much nicer, one can customize the homepage, and best of all the navigation is much, much easier. Fortunately, I haven’t had any problems logging into the system – or any problems with my classes showing up.

Some notes on classes:

ILS530 – Information Systems Analysis & Design

  • Course Description: introduce basic concepts of systme analysis & design in libraries with focus on contextual inquiry/design & application of techniques in analysis & design of info systems (from course syllabus).
  • Course Objectives: to understand philocophies & perspective in thinking with systems, define systems analysis & development life cycle, develop understanding of role of info systems in modern organizations, become familiar with info systems analysis methods & problem-solving tools & approaches, gain experience with info system analysis & design, describe computer systems used by libraries access remote info systems, explain function of info networks, intranets & internet systems, and conduct system study project (from syllabus).
  • Assignments: subject review paper – due on Septemer 17, tech growth paper – due on October 8, system evaluation/case study – due October 29, and a system study/design project – due November 27 with 2 to 3 progress reports due during the semester.

ILS565 – Library Management

  • Course Description: examination of general principles and practices of library management (from syllabus)
  • Course Objectives: describe various approaches to management, apply management activities to library organization, perform basic cost-finding in a library, create & lead a strong service-oreinted library staff, treat staff & library customers in a fair and ethical manner, and identify problems & issues in library management (from syllabus).
  • Assignments: current perspectives project – due September 17, service exercise – due October 1, book review – due October 22, cost finding/budget – due November 12, in-basket exercise – due November 26, final exam – due by December 5.

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