More on My Interview Assignment

When I read the first assignment in the syllabus for one of my current classes (ILS565 – Library Management), I groaned in abject horror. For the assignment, we are required to interview a librarian with managerial responsibility – who wasn’t our boss, a relative or close friend. First of all, I’m not good at asking people for help. Second of all, I couldn’t ask any of the people with whom I work. The assignment specifically said not to ask your boss. The professor did not say that other managers in your library were off limits, but I figured that wasn’t the best way to learn something. Third of all, I didn’t want to ask any of my colleagues at area colleges. This may not make much sense, but they are my colleagues. Asking for an interview as a student puts one in a decidedly subordinate position. I don’t mind this, but don’t feel comfortable putting myself in that position with people with whom I need to have a commensurate standing. Yes, I’m probably making too much out of it, but I’m like that. Being an MLS student and a person with a professional librarian position can be a tricky position in which to be at times – and I am probably incredibly hypersensitive to this fact.

Fortunately, Michael Golrick, who does indeed hold a library management position and whose blog Thoughts from a Library Administrator is one that I read regularly, recently commented on one of my blog posts and extended an offer of help. This, to me, was the perfect solution to my dilemma. On Monday, I sent him an email asking if he would be willing to be interviewed – and he ever so graciously agreed. He answered my questions within a couple of hours – and quite honestly made my week. I have to say a big, big thank you to Michael Golrick for his willingness to help with my academic endeavors. The fact that he so speedily answered my questions takes a great deal of pressure off, since I should be able to complete my summary by tomorrow evening. You can bet that more will follow on this assignment.

An interesting and thoroughly ironic side note: After spending a great deal of time working up the courage to send Michael Golrick an email asking for his help, I received a similar email request from an MLIS student at Simmons who needs to interview a systems librarian/systems department head. I, of course, said yes – and will be meeting with this student on Monday morning. If the student agrees, I will write about the interview. What comes around goes around – usually just not that quickly.


2 Responses to More on My Interview Assignment

  1. kiki says:

    Hey–you got out of your comfort zone! 🙂

    If Michael doesn’t mind, would you post his responses to your questions? Or post your paper on the topic? I’d be interested in knowing what he had to say.

  2. Jennifer says:

    That I did!!! I have permission from Michael Golrick to quote him. I plan to post my written summary and may post more text of his answers.

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