My 200th Post

I’m much more interested in celebrating the fact that I finished my subject review paper and the fact the my husband got a job (and starts work tomorrow) than celebrating my 200th blog post. However, I did think it appropriate to write about some recent revelations that I have had about the impact of blogging on me personally. One of the things that I am pretty much horrible at is networking. I am an introvert – an extremely quiet person who prefers listening to speaking and likes to be behind the scenes. I don’t often speak to people unless spoken to first. This isn’t a reflection of others – it is simply part of my nature (I’m not saying it is a good part of my nature – it just is). If I do get into a discussion with people, it is often in a one-on-one situations. Crowds definitely make me retreat into myself more than usual. Starting a blog seemed perfect for someone of my temperament. I could be anonymous – a state behind which I was somewhat able to hide. I could discuss my thoughts on issues and reacts to others thoughts without being too worried about others’ reactions or sticking my neck out too far. Oddly enough (and very unexpectedly), this blog has really helped me to expand my horizons and be a bit more comfortable with others. It has enabled me to participate in discussions that I never would have gotten involved in previously – and I think it has made me even more secure with myself and my place in the library world. This is an unexpected benefit from my year of blogging.

Blogging is also a great way to network – or at least a great way to get started networking. No, I don’t think that it replaces face-to-face interaction, but it is a way to participate in a global library discussion – and a great way to get one’s foot in the door. Without the blog, I never would have asked Michael Golrick for an interview – nor would I have established any sort of connection with him – or any of the others with whom I have connected with via blogs or because of them. Ultimately, the past 199 blog posts have had a significant impact upon my life – something I never would have anticipated. Wow!


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