How To Hire A Systems Librarian

How do you know if you need a systems librarian? Well, a first step to deciding would be to read Dorothea Salo’s post, Hiring a systems librarian, on the TechEssence.Info blog. She makes some great points. I think that the bottom line is that a library needs to put some serious thought into what its technology needs are and conversely what its technology problems are – before developing a job description. If an institution doesn’t have a clear vision of its needs and problems, simply hiring someone won’t fix things. Dorothea’s questions to ask include: What are this hire’s central duties? Is this a one-time or an ongoing problem? Do I understand what I’m asking for? Do I expect this hire to put together a major library system from zero? What commitment will I make to keeping this hire up-to-date technically? and Are existing staff ready to welcome this hire?


One Response to How To Hire A Systems Librarian

  1. Julian says:

    And then there’s the vibrant discussion about the alleged shortage of library system / automation / ILS managers… and which qualifications should be required or preferred. Where I work, we have an ILS manager, and we are in the process of getting what most libraries call a systems librarian. In addition to that, we’ll soon search for a new electronic resources librarian. And we used to have a digital resources coordinator. All of those titles can seem very similar. I really didn’t know all the differences myself until I saw a job description.

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