Blog Coverage for Library Camp East

The following bloggers have been posting about September 25th’s Library Camp East at the Darien Public Library in Darien, Connecticut. – by John Blyberg

Frequently Answered Questions – by Rebecca Hedreen, Distance Education Librarian at Southern Connecticut State University. – Jessamyn West

Library tech blog: Thoughts and ideas on technology – by Sean Robinson

Library WebHead – by Sharon Clapp

MaisonBisson – by Casey Bison

Remaining Relevant – by Lichen Rancourt

Thing-ology (LibraryThing’s idea blog) – by Abby Blachly

Thoughts from a Library Administrator – by Michael A. Golrick, City Librarian of Bridgeport Public Library

Update: A big thanks to all of you who blogged about the event!! It is almost as good as having been there.


4 Responses to Blog Coverage for Library Camp East

  1. […] I’ve also been put to shame by all the other bloggers who have covered this event already: Rebecca Hedreen, Sean Robinson, Sharon Clapp, Abby Blachly, Casey Bisson, Jessamyn West, Jennifer Macaulay, Michael Golrick, and Lichen Rancourt […]

  2. […] interesting how these things happen. In the fall of 2006, in the wake of all the blog posts about Library Camp East, I had the following chat session with Laura “theblackmolly” […]

  3. […] which have become ever more numerous over the past couple of years. In the fall of 2006 I attended Library Camp East, hosted by the fine people at the Darien Public Library in Darien, CT. The event was a one-day, […]

  4. […] by Stephen Francoeur on March 11, 2009 The innovative Darien Library (host to Library Camp East 2006) is sponsoring a free one-day event called In the Foothills: A Not-Quite-Summit on the Future of […]

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