Library 2.0 Via Academia

I was excited to find a relatively new blog by Laura Cohen, Library 2.0: An Academic Perspective (found via Baby Boomer Librarian). In her first post, Laura asks “What is Library 2.0, and what is its significance for academic libraries?” I’m glad to see someone trying to look at what Library 2.0 means in academia specifically. I think there are some definite areas where the definition and/or implementation of Library 2.0 will need to be different in academic libraries versus public libraries. The needs of patrons will naturally differ – although there will no doubt be some overlapping areas. Laura talks about what Library 2.0 means to academic libraries in a post, titled Library 2.0 and the Academic Conundrum. Laura asks of Library 2.0 “What could be farther from the bedrock of academic librarian reality?” This is an important point with which we in academic libraries need to deal.


One Response to Library 2.0 Via Academia

  1. […] Vor 9 Tagen hat Laura Cohen ihr Blog Library 2.0: An Academic Perspektive gestartet. Ihr erster Post beschäftigt sich mit der Definition von Library 2.0. Inzwischen sind Beiträge zum Thema My Space, Facebook und Blogging erschienen. [via Life as I Know it] […]

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