Sundays Equal Homework

Sundays were almost made for homework – especially wet, cold and dreary ones. I really didn’t mind too much that I sat in front of my computer all day working on my service exercise – well, except for the fact that I really had some problems with it. I started to write my paper and realized that when I had only started discussing my third technique (out of 10-20) on the end of page two that I was not doing the assignment correctly. I instead decided to use bullets for each point and its summary. That certainly worked much better. I ended up with 11 points which I summarized in just about three pages. I hope my decision to go with bullet points was correct. I seem to spend way too much second guess myself and my work – it is painful to the extreme. In the email that I sent to the professor with the assignment, I wondered if I’m too old to learn to handle the stress of school better.


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