Getting Back To School

After taking a break from school work this past week, I have to get myself back on track. This weekend (Sunday), I have a book review due for my ILS565-Library Management class. Fortunately, I have read the book and written down what I consider the important points of the book to be. The paper is only supposed to be 2-3 pages in length. But, beyond that I need to concentrate/work/spend time on other projects and class material in general. For ILS530-Information Systems Analysis & Design, we have a semester-long project where we are supposed to analyze a library-related system. I have chosen the system that I will study (the interlibrary loan Ariel system) and started working on the project. However, I think that I should really be much further along. Admittedly, I’m having a difficult time motivating myself for this particular class (for which I have the same professor that I had for my summer cataloging class – and things are roughly the same – extremely frustrating). Hopefully, I can get over my frustrations and just get through the semester. Big Sighs!!! 


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