Blogging At Internet Librarian 2006

Is it just me or does the blog coverage from Internet Librarian seem to be incredibly comprehensive? There are many people blogging the conference – and it sounds like a great conference.

Blogs with coverage of Internet Librarian 2006



7 Responses to Blogging At Internet Librarian 2006

  1. connie says:

    Thanks for including me! I should point out, however, that I’m not actually at the conference. I am just getting my vicarious thrill from the other bloggers….

    Connie Crosby

  2. It REALLY isn’t just you!

    It has been loads of fun to read three or four takes on the same presentation. 🙂

  3. […] If you’ve been trolling Bloglines this week you’ve almost certainly come across a host of posts on the Internet Librarian 2006 conference going on in Monterey, California. Not surprisingly, it seems every participant is also simultaneously blogging the conference. Jennifer Macaulay (yaay, got it right this time!) has captured as many of these blogs as she could find and compiled a post of blogs. Mind you, reading the blogs aren’t particularly easy nor coherent, but sampling a few you quickly discover that most of us (both at the Met and in the larger library world) are on the same page, or at least in the same chapter of the same book. Some of the ideas we freely-associated at Wednesday’s meeting pop up as presentation fodder in Monterey. For another approach, here’s a Technorati search I ran of “‘Internet Librarian’ 2006″. Or if you prefer, a Google Blog search. […]

  4. Jennifer says:

    David, I’m gllad to know it isn’t just me. I agree about reading the different takes on the same presentations. I have really enjoyed it.

  5. […] Blogging at Internet Librarian 2006 A summary of blogging resources. […]

  6. […] Read the whole article here.   Read what bloggers have to say about this fantastic conference. […]

  7. […] Blogging At Internet Library 2006 (Life as I Know It) […]

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