Another Assignment Bites The Dust

I just uploaded my latest assignment to our WebCT online class portal. It is only 8PM, but feels much later than that (by the way, thank goodness for cable boxes and cell phones which automatically adjust to time changes – in my kitchen, it is still an hour later than it is in my living room), and I am ready for bed. Tomorrow, I am going to a workshop on copyright at the University of New Hampshire with a colleague from work. We are leaving at 6AM – wicked bummer!!! But that means that going to bed soon will be a good idea.

Anyway, I’m not thrilled with the paper I turned in (of course, I never am). This paper is for my ILS530-Information Systems Analysis & Design class with the professor that I took over the summer. Much like last semester, he hasn’t graded any of our work yet. Today’s assignment was the third one due. We currently only have our semester long project left to turn in. It is so impossible to have any real idea of how one is doing in the class without feedback. Of course, I only have myself to blame, because I had a good idea of what I was getting into – and that just makes me feel worse. Honestly, this semester can’t end too soon.


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