Some Needed Words of Wisdom

Of late, my life has been full of work and school – too full. I am tired, overworked and overwhelmed. It dawned on me today that libraries have taken over my life. I work in one – and then spend all of my spare time learning about them. School and work overlap, and I never seem to be able to get away from either of them. To say that I am stressed out is definitely understating the case. Fortunately, today I got a timely reminder about stress management from Michael A. Golrick in a post on Thoughts from a Library Administrator. There are some great suggestions to remind us that life is indeed short, so we need to enjoy it. Work needs to stay at work – and I need to find time and places to do my school work. I can’t continue to allow both of them to take over my life – or sooner or later my head might explode!!


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