Thinking Outside The Box

The Librarydude writes about a program in Sweden where a library lends out people for 45 minute sessions. These people, a Iman, a Muslim woman, a lesbian and a Gypsy woman, are called “Living Books.” The Living Books are volunteers, and people can check them out and ask the living books any questions during that 45 minute period. How cool!! We need more ideas like this in libraries.


3 Responses to Thinking Outside The Box

  1. LibraryDude says:

    Wow! You mean someone actually reads my blog? Thanks!

    And I have heard that other libraries have gone the way of “Living Books” as well. Perhaps this will be a standard library service in 10-20 years?

  2. Jennifer says:

    Anybody who bills themselves at The LibraryDude has to be cool!!!

    The “Living Books” is a great concept. Thanks for writing about it.

  3. Brynolf says:

    Several Swedish libraries have had this programme, inspired by a Danish library. In Malmö, the project was called “Lose a Prejudice, Borrow a Living Book”, other libraries just call it “Borrow a Prejudice”. The whole idea is “The Living Library”. The idea is that people talk to a person they might be prejudiced towards, in order to get to know them and (hopefully) learn something. Other “living books” have included an animal rights activist, a journalist, a traveller, a sight-impaired person and a Danish person…

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