More On The Value Of The MLS

Joshua M. Neff has a great post, Degree or Not Degree, That  Is The Question, over at the goblin in the library. This is obviously a question that I am extremely interested in – and think that my feelings are quite similar to Joshua’s on the matter. There are some great comments, especially from Joshua’s dad Rick, who is a librarian. (How cool is to be able to have this kind of debate with one’s dad??) In one of Rick’s comments, he writes: “What graduate library school did for me was to draw me into an historic tradition, and imbue me with a sense of libraries and of being a librarian.” This is ultimately, what I am hoping to get from graduate school, and one of the main reasons that I decided to go. I don’t necessarily agree that one can only get this sense from graduate school. I have certainly met many non-MLS personnel who possess this. However, this is a critical piece of what MLS students need to be able to possess when they graduate.

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