School Musings

I got my grade back on my cost finding exercise and did well – YEAH!!!!!! I really needed to do well on it after the last assignment that I did for ILS565-Library Management (and on which I did really, really mediocre). I thoroughly enjoyed the assignment and getting a decent grade also helped to boost my spirits. This will help me get through the next three weeks to the end of the semester. Next, we have an “in-basket exercise” to complete. In this assignment, we are to act as a library director, take a prescribed set of personnel to design an employment scheme for a library and deal with a variety of problems and issues. We have to choose which problems to delegate, which to deal with and how exactly to deal with those problems that we do not delegate. I find this very, very, very challenging. I have been working on it, mostly in vague terms – meaning that I have been pondering options in my head. This assignment is due next Sunday (November 26th). Then, we have a final in this class.

For ILS530 – Information Systems Analysis & Design, I’m not really sure how it is going. We have had three papers due – and I have only received one grade. I do know that some of the others in the class have received a second grade – which is extremely frustrating. However, many may remember that I took this professor over the summer and had the same issues. Despite, the fact that I have no one to blame but myself for the predicament I find myself in, I am extremely frustrated and annoyed with this class. I cannot wait for it to be over.  I have tried not to dwell on it – and just make the most of the class. I love the material, and think it is of utmost importance for those interested in library systems.  ARGHHH!!!!!! Meanwhile, I just keep plugging away at everything – and smile at the thought that the end of this semester is in sight!


4 Responses to School Musings

  1. kiki says:

    Hey Jennifer,

    I think your Systems prof and my Systems prof should get together–we haven’t received any grades yet (three big assignments total at this point) aside from a few little quizes. Definitely frustrating.


  2. Sam E. says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I came across your blog while desperately searching the Internet for more information about what some of the cryptic bullet points in our 530 final paper mean. I haven’t really got a clue. Nor, like you, do I have a second grade back yet. Alas.

    Good luck on the in-basket exercise! I thought it was pretty useful, but it was possibly the hardest assignment for the class — at least for me.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Sam, I almost keeled over when I read your comment about the in basket exercise – with your use of the past tense. This semester I have messed up some due dates (fortunately, I figured the mistake out before the actual due date), so I panicked a bit thinking the in-basket exercise was due yesterday. I hope your use of the past tense means that you are done – I sadly, am not done yet.

    And, the final project for ILS530 is frustrating me. I thought that we might get feedback on our progress report. Oh well!! Here’s hoping everything goes well for everyone in the class.

    Kiki – yes, it is frustrating!!!! I have to say that I feel better that this happens to others.

  4. Sam E. says:

    Aww…I’m sorry to have scared you! I should have clarified — I took 565 two semesters ago, though as far as I can tell, the assignments are still the same.

    I was hoping for feedback too, though not very hard, as this prof. was exactly the same when I had him for cataloging. I’d never have taken him again if this weren’t my last semester and I didn’t need this course to graduate. At any rate, yes — good luck to you! and to the rest of the class too.

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