I’ve Found A New Way To Procrastinate

 . . . which would be to catalog all of my books on LibraryThing. I’ve had an account since July – and had a great deal of fun playing around with LT during the summer. However, life demanded my attention elsewhere after I entered about 40 titles. After listening to a presentation given by Abby Blachly at Nelinet’s Annual Bibliographic Services Conference (on Friday, November 17th) on LibraryThing, I was inspired to put some serious effort into getting all of my books cataloged. Over the past three days, I’ve gotten about 475 more titles added. I’m thinking that I will need to resist the urge to keep adding books since the end of the semester is rapidly approaching.

On a more serious note, Abby Blachly’s presentation at Nelinet’s conference was great. She is very enthusiastic about LibraryThing – and that definitely came through while she was at the podium. I was already very familiar with LibraryThing, but definitely learned some new things. There were many people in the audience who had never heard of LibraryThing – and I sensed that people were interested in the product. I actually had a great discussion with some people at my table who were really intrigued and wanted to know more.

I so want to keep adding books to LibraryThing even though it is way past my bedtime . . .


One Response to I’ve Found A New Way To Procrastinate

  1. librarydude says:

    I too have a sadly neglected Librarything account. I was investigating if there was a way to add a LibraryThing generated widget showing my current reading list to my sidebar on WordPress, but so far, no luck.

    I aim to have a few more entries on Librarything, as well as release all those Bookcrossing registered books I have in my lounge room.

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