Am I Sad To See The Semester Go?

Ah, the answer to that would have to be a big NO! I just spent the past hour and a half working on my final exam for ILS565-Library Management. It didn’t go as well as I would have liked – but I think that may be how I view this entire semester. There was a great deal of angst, frustration, work to which I couldn’t give my all and general discontent with library school. However, I made it through – and belive me, there were several times during the semester when I wasn’t confident that I would make it through the semester with passing grades. At this point, I’m confident I passed – just feeling bad that I couldn’t (or didn’t) spend the amount of time I would have liked on both classes. I have to remind myself that I have now finished six out of twelve classes, and that is reason enough to celebrate a bit. I also am trying to remind myself that I had way too much going on this semester. Work was amazingly busy (a note to all of those systems librarians wanna bees: the start of the fall semester in academic libraries can crush the life right out of you), and demanded much more of my time than normal, especially in September and October. So really, I did the best that I could – I should be proud of that fact and just move on.

So, now I will let myself celebrate a bit – and enjoy having nothing really to do (well, at least until I realize how much stuff I have to do for Christmas).


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