A Truly Dedicated Professor

The professor for my ILS565-Library Management class is truly wonderful. I passed in my final exam yesterday evening about 5:45PM and received an email with my grade about 10:40AM this morning. This is a habit that he has had all semester – and a refreshing change from the time involved to receive grades in my other class this semester. It is absolutely wonderful to have things graded so quickly, especially the final exam. I admit to being very nervous about the exam. When I opened it and read through the questions, I blanked for a bit. I wasn’t very confident – and know that I made some silly mistakes. Fortunately, I  caught most of them (but definitely not all). I was never very comfortable while taking the exam (despite everything I tried to do to put myself at ease). So, I’m very happy with my grade – which should translate to me being happy with my overall grade in the class.

However, my intention in this post is to say a big thank you to this professor. I can tell that he has spent a great deal of time figuring out how best to teach in the online environment. As a result, this class (and ILS501 – Introduction to Information Science and Technology which I also took him for) was one of my all time favorites – even though I could have done more to be a better student. It was engaging, challenging and even fun. The class discussions were lively, entertaining and extensive – mostly due to great discussion questions and the way in which the professor participated. He stepped in to make points when necessary, agreed with points students made and yet did not overshadow or hamper our commentary on the subject matter. I looked forward to reading what my fellow students and the professor had to say each week. Overall, his teaching style has become the bar that I use to measure all others professors against in the online arena.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!! Now, I am truly relaxed.


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