December 26th Might Be My Favorite Day Of The Year

I had a wonderful, but very low-key Christmas this year. I wasn’t able to accomplish even 1/4 of what I normally do. My mom & I didn’t bake any cookies. I only went shopping once. I didn’t decorate or even get a Christmas tree (which is a first). I didn’t get all of presents that I should have. I didn’t write out Christmas cards. And, I didn’t even buy myself stuff when shopping (which is one of my favorite Christmas past times). Life really got in the way this year. Classes didn’t end until December 4th. Once I turned in my final exam for ILS565 – Library Management, I decided to take about a week to recoup – and made a conscious decision to put off all holiday preparations. Unfortunately, all sorts of rather weird things started occuring. My mother had been sick off an on, but took a really bad turn – and ended up with pneumonia (she is doing awesome now). I spent an awful lot of time with her. My dad had surgery on his rotator cuff on December 15th (he is doing really well now too). I had an allergic reaction to some Chinese food that I ate and ended up with hives. I itched for about a week – and had several days where I was incapacitated by the itching, swelling and burning. At all Christmas gatherings (including those on Christmas day), at least one family member was ill. A really nasty stomach bug made its way through both my family and my husbands. My husband ended up with it yesterday – and I am hoping that it misses me.

Fortunately, my nieces and nephews didn’t seem to notice that the adults were a little bit weary of the holiday rigamarole. They all seemed to be caught up in the wonder of Christmas – and seemed to love all of their presents. Despite my sister in law being extremely ill during my husand’s family gathering, my mother being absent from my family’s festivities and my dad having to take a nap on Christmas Day, everything went well. However, I can tell you that I was absolutely SO happy on Christmas night that it was almost all over. Tuesday was wonderful – there was nothing to do, nowhere to go. It could have been better because my husband was sick to his stomach all day long – but I was able to relax and to do NOTHING!! I am psyched that I still have lots of time off before school starts up again.


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