What Is It About The First Of The Year . . .

that makes one feel the need to recount the year’s activities and pass judgement upon them? I generally don’t like to look back at my life and recount things that I wish I would have done better or even dwell on things that went well. Honestly, I think for me that is a waste of time. You can’t change the past – you can only learn from it to make smarter choices in the future. However, there seems to be some sort of biological (or psychological) imperative that makes people ponder the past year as the calendar year comes to a close (or begins anew).

Over the past few months, I’ve been a bit stressed, somewhat overworked and maybe not in the happiest frame of mind. This past semester was a difficult one for me to get through – and has made me question a bit what I am doing in life. Given this feeling, I was a bit hesitant to let my mind wander over the past year because I didn’t want to think too much about it. However, today I was thinking about what I have actually accomplished this year and I was a bit surprised by how much I actually did. I worked full time, took five graduate level classes, took a two week vacation with my husband to St. Martin and put a great deal of time and effort into this blog. I didn’t do anything that would change the world, but I feel pretty good about what I did accomplish. As it stands, I am half way through the MLS program at SCSU. My work is going well. This blog has become much more than I ever really expected. And, being away from school of late has given me a chance to gain a better perspective on school. Really, I’m in a great position right now as opposed to where I was on January 1, 2006. I guess the bottom line is that I am happy with my life, what I am doing and where I am. Cool!


One Response to What Is It About The First Of The Year . . .

  1. Mark says:

    Congrats! Nice to recognize it too.

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