Grades for Fall 2006 Have Been Posted

January 5, 2007

I’m not entirely sure why I worry so much about my schoolwork. It cant’ be good for me. It seems like every semester I hold my breath until the final grades for the class have been posted. It is one of those situations where I don’t realize how tense I actually am about it until I actually feel the relief washing over me when I get the final grade.  Am I worried that I am going to fail? I shouldn’t be, since I’m not even close to that point.

I was fortunate that the professor for ILS530-Information Systems Analysis & Design told us directly (via the online course) what our final grade was. I didn’t have to worry about that one. However, I didn’t know my final grade for ILS565-Library Management. But again, I know what grades I received on all four assignments and the final exam. The only piece that was left was grading on class participation. What was there to worry about??? Really, it all seems a huge waste of energy now.

Grades are not supposed to be officially released until sometime next week. However, I have noticed in the past that sometimes they are available a bit early – so I have been checking daily. I was thrilled to notice that my Fall 2006 grades had been posted. Another semester is gone – and it is time to start thinking about the next one.

Why do I worry so much about these things?

And on a another subject that really proves how masochistic I really am, the ILS department has added another section of ILS560-College & University Libraries and I’m seriously considering taking it this spring. It is one of the classes that I have to take. Who knows when it will be offered again? And, it is taught by my favorite ILS professor at SCSU. I need to have my head examined!!!!!!

Update: Grades were actually released officially on January 5th. I find this strange because when I looked at the academic calendar I would swear that January 11th was the date given for grade availability. Of course, now I’m questioning how sure I am about that.