File It Under Things You Don’t Know About Me

I am a rabid football fan – but games can make me sick to my stomach. As a child, I adored the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys – I think because they won. I also think that I had crushes on Terry Bradshaw and Roger Staubach – or maybe it was just to irritate my Dad. Anyway, it was pretty painful to be a New England Patriots fan in the 1980s – although Steve Grogan is a local legend. I actually own an authentic throwback Terry Bradshaw NFL jersey – a prized possession given to be me by my Mom & Dad for Christmas one year. Of course, being a Patriots fan of late has been a fairly easy thing to be – given the success that they have had of late. This Christmas I finally got an authentic Tom Brady jersey – which makes me very happy.

Anyway, playoff games definitely tend to give me angst – today’s game versus the San Diego Chargers was excruciating to watch. Fortunately, the Patriots prevailed – and I can actually breathe again. Of course, the bad news is that I will have to go through this all again next weekend when the Patriots travel to Indianapolis to take on the Colts. Losing would have been easier – but I guess not as much fun.


One Response to File It Under Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. Hey! I forgot you were in Mass. I’m a big Boston city fan and a Pats fan going way back. Like I said, I was in Toronto when the Jays won the two World Series. And of course, neither final game was an easy blow-out. There’s nothing as tense as 50,000+ people all feeling the same disappointment, excitement, tension and fury at the same time. It’s a pretty overwhelming experience that everyone ought to have at least once.

    Even Chargers fans. šŸ™‚

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