I’m Looking Forward To This Semester

Yesterday, my ILS656-Information Architecture professor sent a general email letting us know that classes start on the 22nd of January – and giving us instructions for logging onto the class. It seems that SCSU made some changes in its policies for accessing online course material over break. From what I understand, all schools in the Connecticut State University system shared one course management for distance education programs (at one time called OnlineCSU). Each university also had an additional CMS portal for traditional and hybrid classes. I always wondered why there seemed to be so much confusion among students accessing online classes. However, I can see how students taking both traditional and online classes at the same time would get confused by having two separate systems with different usernames. I guess the CSU system decided to disband the OnlineCSU system – and now we all log into SCSU’s WebCT portal. The big difference is that we no longer log in with some 8 digit number, but use another log in (a more traditional username that is some combination of our names). It took a while to figure this out – but fortunately, I was able to figure it out with some help from fellow graduate students via the ILS listserv.

Once I finally logged onto the system successfully, I was able to poke around in the course site for ILS656-Information Architecture. The professor has already posted all sorts of material. I probably should not have been surprised. This professor has her own web site with information about the courses she teaches, projected courses with tentative schedules and syllabi. She also includes the texts for these classes. I can’t stress how wonderful it is to have this information when registering for classes. I so wish other professors would do the same. Anyway, this all makes me very excited about this class. I think it will be a wonderful learning experience -albeit a challenging one. I’m also looking forward to ILS560-College & University Libraries. I have already taken two classes with the professor teaching this class – and so far he has been my favorite professor.

2 Responses to I’m Looking Forward To This Semester

  1. Karen says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I just googled ILS656 (because cutting and pasting the class wiki URL from Dr. B’s email didn’t work) and found your blog. We are in IA class together this semester. I’m so looking forward to this class even though I think it’ll be a lot of work — who cares if it’s ultimately fun?

    Just saw that we’re also in ILS560 together — I agree with your comment about JMK, he has been the best so far.

    Love your blog. I’ve been wanting to do one, but haven’t yet — maybe this semester?

    Just wanted to touch base outside of class. I’d be glad to correspond at the email above for offline conversations anytime. Looks like we’re on about the same schedule for graduation, too.

    “See” you on Monday!


  2. Jennifer says:

    Hi Karen,

    It is nice to “meet” you!! I am really looking forward to this semester – I hope it is a great one.

    I’m glad you like the blog. I can recommend it as a great tool – it really helps me to keep my thoughts in line.

    I’ve noted your email – and will keep it for “offline” conversations!!

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