I’m Not Sure What This Might Mean, But I’m Afraid

For some reason, this week I have been having the most bizarre and vivid dreams. They wake me up – and then I lay in bed unable to get back to sleep. They aren’t really nightmares – they are just extremely odd. I don’t remember most of them when I wake up in the morning. Well, last night at about 12:35AM I woke up from a deep sleep – a bit disoriented. I had been dreaming. While I do not remember the entirety of the odd dream, I do remember a particularly wacky detail. I was telling a family member a story about one of our second cousins who had just been picked to be on a new reality tv show. This reality show was going to be a joint effort by the Discovery Health channel and the Food Network (I guarantee you won’t guess where this is headed). First, the stars would have surgery to remove some organ. The surgeries would be documented on one tv show. Once recovered, the person would then do his/her own cooking show where they would cook the organ that had been removed with some special, fancy recipe. The best recipe would win the overall prize. Hmmm. . . . . . . What could that possibly mean? I think I might be scared. Prior to this, the oddest dream that I remember was one in which my best friend and I were going to a party. I was at her house waiting for her to get ready (which took a long time). When she finally came down the stairs – several hours late, she was dressed as Hamlet. It wasn’t a costume party. Hopefully, my dreams will go back to normal now.

On an unrelated (and less odd) note, Mythbusters is doing a show about pirate myths tonight. I can’t wait! Ahoy, Matey!!!


6 Responses to I’m Not Sure What This Might Mean, But I’m Afraid

  1. Right now some executive is wondering if he or she can turn this into a real TV show.

    They’re getting desperate.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Good thing I wrote it down then 🙂

  3. Jennifer — the new Hannibal is coming out on video. Any correlation?

  4. Jennifer says:

    I think it may have something to do with the fact that I watched an episode of the X-Files on Tuesday where an entire small town practiced cannibalism. Too strange!!

  5. At the deepest level, one can analyze dreams as containing various symbols, each of which is an aspect (personality, emotion, driver, etc.) of yourself. But most people don’t really want to get to that level. Still, lots of good information if you do.

    I just discovered your blog. I’m a student at the University of Texas’ MSIS program, second semester. The articles you linked to were very helpful to some research I’m doing, so all in all, I’ve learned a lot from you in just a few minutes. Thanks!

  6. Jennifer says:

    Hi Georgia – I definitely don’t really want to know what the dream means. I prefer to think of it as my brain letting off some steam.

    I’m glad some of the things I’ve linked to were helpful – that is one of the reason that I try to continue to post some of the citations from my research. It is nice to think that some of the work I have done can help someone else.

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